Weekend + First Signs of Fall

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope that y’all had a fantastic weekend. I know we sure did. We did a little bit of this and that around the house, but mostly relaxed in this slightly cooler weather!

Our new chandelier is amazing in our master bedroom. My husband actually admitted after he put it up that it looked good! It’s going to sound silly, but I wake up feeling like a princess in our room now! I absolutely love it, and it so much better than our fan, which was barely used anyway.

camella light

I added the little white baby lamp shades that I already had from years ago to make it feel more cozy. I love the simplicity of this chandelier. It’s modern, yet still classic.


I did decorate a little bit for Fall. Mostly pumpkins sprinkled here and there around the house and on the front door, of course. We burned our new Harvest candle from Target during dinner times and at night. It makes the house smell so good!

Lastly, we played outside a lot with our little one! Like I’ve said before, this is my season, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s started!

rain bootsvia
I am in need/search of some new rain boots. Mine literally had a hole in them, so it was time to throw them away. I run errands in them, garden in them, and simply throw them on to go in and out of the house a lot. I am thinking about this pair or this pair.

 Happy Monday, Friends!

It’s the Little Things – For The Home

I really love the little things in a home that make it feel more inviting and cozy. For me, I love lots of throw pillows, throws and candles. I think those three things have to be a few of my weaknesses (I know I’ve already talked about my love obsession of throw pillows with you before), and these are the 3 things that I’m always updating.
At the end of each day (after putting our little one to bed) I love nothing more than to curl up on our couch full of throw pillows and grab my cozy throw and relax either by talking with my husband, reading, watching t.v., etc. I typically don’t light a candle until night time after the little one is down these days, but having candlelight at night is so relaxing to me.  It’s really the little things in life.
What things do you add to your home to make it feel more inviting/cozy? What relaxes you?

Here are a few throws and candles I’ve got my eye on lately.

Ruched Faux Fur Throw
These throws look great for our family room for the Fall/Winter months. I have seen this style in HomeGoods (probably where I’ll get mine – such a better price), and have been tempted to buy it now, but I’m going to wait until the cooler temperatures arrive.

Porter Throw
This would be a great year round throw. I love the rich colors they come in as well.

Voluspa Maison Blanc Trio Candle Set
I typically buy my candles from Target, but their selection isn’t as great these days. I’ve bought these candles before, and loved them. This set is now on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a great deal. These tins are really cute, and would make cute makeup/hair accessory holders later, too.

Happy Monday, Everyone!|

Decorating – Blue & White

I consider myself very “traditional” when it comes to decorating. I get it from my Mom. She has exquisite style and taste when it comes to dressing and decorating; therefore, like Mother, like daughter, I inherited her style. And, thank goodness I did.

As for decorating our house, she taught me the art of symmetry and balance. I always buy décor in “pairs.”

When we registered for our everyday china pattern, my husband and I both fell in love with the “Mandarin Blue” collection by Lauren Ralph Lauren.


Since, then I’ve been able to find several discontinued pieces of our pattern like vases, cookie jars, and candlesticks at HomeGoods. My Mom always calls me and says “I found more…” and I tell her “grab them, please!”   Now, I’ll be the first to admit, other than our everyday pattern, I don’t like a lot of blue and white décor, but I do like it sprinkled in ” here and there” around the house. Too much of a good thing is not good, in my opinion.  If you’re lucky, you can find some really great buys on blue and white ginger jars, bowls, vases and more at HomeGoods. That’s the place to hunt for them. When you see one, grab it, because they go fast. I recently found a blue and white bowl for $24.99. It now resides on our sideboard in our foyer. It’s a piece we’ll love for years. The “hunt” for these pieces is half of the fun!

Do you like decorating with blue and white? If so, where do you shop for your pieces?

Below are some images inspiring my “blue & white” style.





Images via


Seeing Spots

This print had me at hello. I am dying to add something “Dalmation” to my house and wardrobe. Do you like this print as much as I do? I think it’s going to be considered a “neutral” just like leopard has become these days. I mean The Duchess of Cambridge wore this print while she was pregnant with both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And, of course she looked gorgeous, as always.



 images via

I plan to have some fun with a new pair of throw pillows (can you believe it? – I have a problem, I know), a cute top or even a happy print for my office. My style is both classic and preppy, but I’m definitely going to mix this spotty little print into my life!

Here are a few things I have my eyes on right now.

 Spotted Black & White Decorative Pillow


 Fashion Illustration


 Have a happy day!


Minor Obsession – Throw Pillows

If I had to say the one thing I change out at our house décor-wise quite frequently would be throw pillows. I will admit I have a teensy weensy obsession with throw pillows. I simply chalk it up to the fact that you can literally make an inexpensive update instantly to a room with a new set of throw pillows. If that cures my boredom with a room, then I’ll keep the obsession going. All in all, if you find a great pair of throw pillows it will probably run you close to $50.00, but that’s a lot cheaper than updating an entire couch or other furniture in a room, am I right? If you have a neutral base (like couches and chairs) then you can add pattern and poppy throw pillows into the mix easily. I love accessorizing with color in both fashion and décor. In my opinion, it’s all in the details. I have a few other obsessions like lamps, handbags, coats and shoes (we can chat about those in another post later), but for the most part décor-wise, my weakness is a cute set of throw pillows.



Some of my favorite places to find these beauties is at Target (of course), Homegoods, and I have even found a few at Etsy that I like, too.

Here’s a round up of some fun throw pillows I have my eyes on right now.

Monogrammed Pink Gingham

I fell in love with this throw pillow a few months ago. These may just have to be a birthday present to myself. Pink and white gingham and pom poms? I’m in L.O.V.E.

Greek Key Pillows


These are classic. They come in several colors too.

Jute Braid Pillow


This is a timeless, neutral pillow that you can mix colorful throw pillows with to create a layered throw pillow collection on a couch, etc.

What are some of your décor obsession change outs? Do you love a good throw pillow as much as I do?

Design Darling & Top Picks

Have you heard of the boutique Design Darling? I discovered it a little over 3 years ago.  It’s a really cute and chic online boutique. This boutique features everything from candles to tassel earrings and even home decor. All of her stuff is happy and bright (two of my favorite things to be), definitely a perfect place for the typically “girly girl,” which I just so happen to be.  Mackenzie has exceptional style and that’s exactly what she passes onto you in her online boutique. She also has a great blog, too. Another great one to add to your daily reading list. Her dog is precious too.

Here are my top picks from the Design Darling boutique! Some of these things may or may not be on my birthday list.

Happy Shopping!

 Scalloped Desk Organizer – Pink Waves


How cute is this for your desk? It would be a great addition to my desk upstairs!

 Ginger Jar Guest Towel


This guest towel would be perfect in our half bathroom downstairs!

Le Pen – Periwinkle Set of 12


These would be a colorful addition to my desk for writing notes in my planner, thank you notes, etc…

 Camera Print


I took photography in high school, and to this day I still love it. This print would be a nice addition to my office gallery wall I am building.

 Pearl Tassel Earrings


These would definitely be a “splurge” item for me, but I know I would love these for many years to come. Classic tassel earrings in my opinion.

Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish – Navy Blue


This would be a welcomed addition to my nightstand. I constantly have loose odds and ends like earrings and my watch on my nightstand. This would at least keep them organized.

 Note Taking Queen Notebook


My love for elephants continues…I am constantly writing “to-do” lists, adding things to my “dream list” and so this notebook would be a happy one to open anytime I need to jot a thought down on paper.

Home Sweet Home – Updates

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to make my home inviting, cozy and classic all at the same time. It takes time and money to do both of these things. Afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

However, the best way I have been able to do that is through a consignment stores, Homegoods & Target. Just another great tip my Mom taught me years ago. There are some really great finds at these stores, at superb prices. I think she and I really enjoy the “hunt” of finding that great piece, too. In fact, some of my favorite pieces have come from consignment.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to update a few things here and there in our house to make it more “ours.” Below are a few of the things on my “update list.” These updates are on the smaller side, as they aren’t major renovations, but they will have a big impact which will be nice.

Where do you shop for your home? What updates are you wanting to make to your house lately?

allen + roth 18-in W Antique Rustic Bronze Standard Pendant Light


I want to replace our foyer light. This light is very modern for me, but I really like the Orb light. We have a pretty large/open foyer, and I think this would look great in that space.

 Sea Gull Lighting Lockheart 4 light lantern foyer pendant


I also really LOVE this one, but it’s a bit more expensive. Of course, the one I really love is the more expensive one. This happens to me all of the time. “Champagne taste on a beer budget” as my Dad always says. We’ll just have to wait and see which one we go with…

 Pottery Barn Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover & Shams


I really love the pearl embroidery on this duvet set. It’s a very crisp and clean look for a master bedroom. I still like our bedding we registered for when we were getting married, but I’m ready for a change. The navy color is classic, and I plan to add our monogram to the shams.

 Natural Linen Paige Round Back Dining Chairs, Set of 2


We currently have a dining room table with 4 chairs, and I would like to add 2 more for each end where my husband and I sit. We host a lot of dinners, but are always bringing our kitchen table chairs into our dining room during these dinners. These would be a welcomed addition to our dining room.

That’s all I am thinking about for right now. The wish list is long, but these items are a great start!



Have a happy weekend!

Office Artwork

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am redesigning my office space at home. Part of the redesign is adding pretty artwork. I am planning on dedicating one wall to be a “gallery wall.”


At my old job, I had a gallery wall of pinterest photos printed out all over my office. Literally, every space was covered. I loved coming into work and working in such a happy space. We had great color printers (one of the perks of working in Marketing), and I would change a few prints out to new ones every few Fridays. Every single image I had hanging in my office inspired me. It was so much better than having plain, grey cube walls. For a creative trying to work, grey cube walls is sheer torture. Trust me.

So, I plan to recreate that kind of space at my home office.

I love the idea of mixing & matching picture frames as well. I plan for some to be clean, crisp white frames, and some prints will be in gold frames.

Now’s the fun part, picking out the prints to go in the frames for my gallery wall. I imagine I will probably change them out with something new every so often, which I look forward to…

I am turning to Etsy to help me build my gallery wall because I know I can get some really great prints at reasonable prices, and I can do the framing myself. Here are a few prints that I am currently loving:

English Springer Spaniel Print


English Springer Spaniel Silhouette Print


Blue and White Vase with Peonies Print


Make It Happen Gold Foil Print


More Issues Than Vogue Print


Pineapple Print


Love You Forever Print


 Do you love gallery walls? It’s a bit intimidating at first to build, but now that I have these great prints to inspire me, I think I can do it! Do you have a gallery wall at home?

Desk Style

I am in the middle of redesigning my home office/desk style. I love having a little sliver of space in our house to let my creative juices run wild. In my opinion, a desk should reflect the person sitting there, and also inspire and stretch that person creatively. As my blog grows, and I grow as a person, I think I will be constantly redesigning this space over and over again, which is really quite exciting to me.

I’ve always said, “good things take time,” and this stands true for a desk space/office style, too. Add one piece of inspiration at a time. You’ll know what you like when you see it. It’s the little details that truly make it a reflection of you, and you should love each one. My desk is my happy place to write this blog; therefore, everything in it should be “my kind of happy” to me. What things make you happy at your desk? How would you define your “desk style?”

Of course I turned to the one and only Pinterest to get inspired. Below are a few images that are helping me during this redesign phase. Maybe little pieces of each space will inspire you, too.











All images via


I see a lot of mint, pink, navy and gold accents coming into my office soon. The most important aspect of any space you’re designing is that you must be true to yourself, otherwise you won’t love it. I believe you should love the space where you work. You spend a lot of time there, and you should invest all of yourself into making it a space absolutely perfect for you.

Happy Tuesday!

Introducing “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t” Series

I want to introduce you to a series called “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t” with Fancy Says Have A Ball blog.

Before I go on, I want to preface this post with a few thoughts for you so you can understand where I am coming from and where I am going with this series.

I follow a lot of great blogs, and when I say great, I mean they are amazing. I read them like they are another newspaper, my fashion newspaper, every day. It’s part of my morning routine with my second cup of coffee (once the baby goes down for a nap). And some of them post about some absolutely beautiful clothing/accessories, etc. I think their content is always fabulous and flawless. The one thing I do notice though is that some of the pieces they are featuring are way out of my price range. I think it’s wonderful that they can afford those pieces. I really do. I also know that some of those items are “gifted” pieces from vendors as well. So, please know that I don’t hold any of this against any of those amazing bloggers, but to be honest, not all of us out in this blogging world can afford those pieces. So, that brings me to the new series I am introducing to you today, “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t.”

I love fashion, always have, but I have always been on a budget, my whole life. I remember since I could read fashion magazines, I have used them as a source of “inspiration” for my closet. Who doesn’t right? That’s the purpose of them for me, and probably most. I could never afford most of the items featured in the magazines, and that’s OK. I would just “study” the styles for each season, and incorporate what I loved into my closet, on a budget.


Quick story – Many years ago, my parents taught me the value of a $1.00 (Thanks Mom & Dad).  I babysat, was a lifeguard, worked in various retail jobs over the holidays and Summers. I also worked two internships that were paid internships as well. My parents said that my paycheck was my money to do with it what I wanted (encouraging me to save 15% of every paycheck, as well). They knew I would appreciate the items I would buy with my own paycheck a whole lot more, rather than them just handing me a credit card and saying “have fun.” So, slowly, but surely, I started building my wardrobe, that to this day, I LOVE. My Mom taught me how to shop well. She always sent me to the back of the store to check out the sale/clearance racks first. Instead of shopping at the beginning of the season, I did most of my shopping at the end of the season to get the best deals. The clothes are just as good as they were full price, I just wanted to pay less for them. She and I also share the same LOVE for Marshalls, TJMaxx and Homegoods. Now, I will say, the one thing I tend to “splurge” on are my pants. I am 5’10, so finding pants on sale in my length is never easy. I am fine with paying a little more for my pants, because I consider them an “investment.” I still have pants that I bought from jcrew in college, and dress pants I wore during my business internships. I guess some would call them vintage at this point, I would just call them “classic.” Of course, my parents would fill in a lot of items in my closet, too, but for the most part when I started working, I started buying my own clothes that I “wanted” versus what they bought for me, which was what I “needed.”



So, the point of this series is to point out that you can still look and feel great, even on a budget. In each post of this series, I plan to post my top picks each season at places such as Target, Ann Taylor LOFT, Gap, Old Navy & more shops like these. I will also feature my favorite home decor on a budget as well. (I LOVE consignment shops!)



If money did grow on trees, it would be great, but since it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean we have to compromise our style, we just have to shop a little smarter, that’s all.

If you’re on a budget like me, how do you shop smarter? What are your favorite go-to shops? Don’t you love that feeling when you know you got a great deal on a really good item? I know I sure do!


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