Introducing “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t” Series

I want to introduce you to a series called “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t” with Fancy Says Have A Ball blog.

Before I go on, I want to preface this post with a few thoughts for you so you can understand where I am coming from and where I am going with this series.

I follow a lot of great blogs, and when I say great, I mean they are amazing. I read them like they are another newspaper, my fashion newspaper, every day. It’s part of my morning routine with my second cup of coffee (once the baby goes down for a nap). And some of them post about some absolutely beautiful clothing/accessories, etc. I think their content is always fabulous and flawless. The one thing I do notice though is that some of the pieces they are featuring are way out of my price range. I think it’s wonderful that they can afford those pieces. I really do. I also know that some of those items are “gifted” pieces from vendors as well. So, please know that I don’t hold any of this against any of those amazing bloggers, but to be honest, not all of us out in this blogging world can afford those pieces. So, that brings me to the new series I am introducing to you today, “If Money Grew On Trees…But Since It Doesn’t.”

I love fashion, always have, but I have always been on a budget, my whole life. I remember since I could read fashion magazines, I have used them as a source of “inspiration” for my closet. Who doesn’t right? That’s the purpose of them for me, and probably most. I could never afford most of the items featured in the magazines, and that’s OK. I would just “study” the styles for each season, and incorporate what I loved into my closet, on a budget.


Quick story – Many years ago, my parents taught me the value of a $1.00 (Thanks Mom & Dad).  I babysat, was a lifeguard, worked in various retail jobs over the holidays and Summers. I also worked two internships that were paid internships as well. My parents said that my paycheck was my money to do with it what I wanted (encouraging me to save 15% of every paycheck, as well). They knew I would appreciate the items I would buy with my own paycheck a whole lot more, rather than them just handing me a credit card and saying “have fun.” So, slowly, but surely, I started building my wardrobe, that to this day, I LOVE. My Mom taught me how to shop well. She always sent me to the back of the store to check out the sale/clearance racks first. Instead of shopping at the beginning of the season, I did most of my shopping at the end of the season to get the best deals. The clothes are just as good as they were full price, I just wanted to pay less for them. She and I also share the same LOVE for Marshalls, TJMaxx and Homegoods. Now, I will say, the one thing I tend to “splurge” on are my pants. I am 5’10, so finding pants on sale in my length is never easy. I am fine with paying a little more for my pants, because I consider them an “investment.” I still have pants that I bought from jcrew in college, and dress pants I wore during my business internships. I guess some would call them vintage at this point, I would just call them “classic.” Of course, my parents would fill in a lot of items in my closet, too, but for the most part when I started working, I started buying my own clothes that I “wanted” versus what they bought for me, which was what I “needed.”



So, the point of this series is to point out that you can still look and feel great, even on a budget. In each post of this series, I plan to post my top picks each season at places such as Target, Ann Taylor LOFT, Gap, Old Navy & more shops like these. I will also feature my favorite home decor on a budget as well. (I LOVE consignment shops!)



If money did grow on trees, it would be great, but since it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean we have to compromise our style, we just have to shop a little smarter, that’s all.

If you’re on a budget like me, how do you shop smarter? What are your favorite go-to shops? Don’t you love that feeling when you know you got a great deal on a really good item? I know I sure do!


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