Office Artwork

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am redesigning my office space at home. Part of the redesign is adding pretty artwork. I am planning on dedicating one wall to be a “gallery wall.”


At my old job, I had a gallery wall of pinterest photos printed out all over my office. Literally, every space was covered. I loved coming into work and working in such a happy space. We had great color printers (one of the perks of working in Marketing), and I would change a few prints out to new ones every few Fridays. Every single image I had hanging in my office inspired me. It was so much better than having plain, grey cube walls. For a creative trying to work, grey cube walls is sheer torture. Trust me.

So, I plan to recreate that kind of space at my home office.

I love the idea of mixing & matching picture frames as well. I plan for some to be clean, crisp white frames, and some prints will be in gold frames.

Now’s the fun part, picking out the prints to go in the frames for my gallery wall. I imagine I will probably change them out with something new every so often, which I look forward to…

I am turning to Etsy to help me build my gallery wall because I know I can get some really great prints at reasonable prices, and I can do the framing myself. Here are a few prints that I am currently loving:

English Springer Spaniel Print


English Springer Spaniel Silhouette Print


Blue and White Vase with Peonies Print


Make It Happen Gold Foil Print


More Issues Than Vogue Print


Pineapple Print


Love You Forever Print


 Do you love gallery walls? It’s a bit intimidating at first to build, but now that I have these great prints to inspire me, I think I can do it! Do you have a gallery wall at home?

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