Monday, Monday

With the holidays in full swing it feels as though my head is spinning with feeling like I have a million things to do, and not enough time to do them. Do you ever feel that way? Of course, we all do. Either way, what doesn’t get done, can wait, and I plan to relax and enjoy the entire holiday season. This is going to be a busy, fun Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I cannot wait.

So, for today, I’ll share with you my random thoughts as of right now.

First, I am holding back every ounce that I can to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. Every time I see a house already decorated I try to justify it in my head to “go ahead,” however, the “traditionalist” in me won’t allow it. I know I need to wait, even though for me, Christmas is the happiest time of year. My parents made every Christmas truly “magical” for me, and I hope that my husband and I can do the same for our children. I will admit, I am already listening to Bing Crosby in the car. My husband is an incredibly patient man…

This has been my “go-to” look during the daytime as of late. I am all about denim, cozy sweaters, cute flats and a fabulous coat! It’s chic, yet still in style, just way more relaxed than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be living in this look all season long for shopping, play dates, etc. Although, don’t worry – I’m still looking forward to getting all dolled up for holiday parties! What seems to be your “go-to” daytime look lately?

 cheese plate_christmas_tree
A Christmas tree cheese plate! How happy is this idea? I came across this on Pinterest the other day. I’ll definitely be making this for any dinners at our house, and it would even be fun if you’re hosting a playgroup, too! The kids would love this…

And last, but not least…always a good reminder.
Actually, i can
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Happy Monday Friends!