A Short Break, Recipe + Inspiration

Are you as happy to see Friday as I am? I am so excited to simply relax with my family!!

short break

I know that I’ve taken an unexpected, short break from the blogging world; however, when your house is under renovation (aka…the two rooms that you LIVE in with your toddler and puppy, our kitchen and den) it can take a toll on thinking you can get anything “extra” done.  The good news is that we’re back to normal as of today! Hip, hip hooray! And, please know that I can’t wait to show you guys our updates very soon, too! I honestly feel like I’m living in a dream!

I’m thinking of making this recipe this weekend that Christina posted. Does it not look amazing? Her recipes don’t disappoint.

Lastly, I always like to leave a little “inspiration” for you at the end of each post!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!