Maternity Jeans

Yesterday I talked about why I’m not buying maternity clothing (minus my maternity jeans), and so today I thought I would talk to you about the 3 pairs of jeans that I’ve been living in/rotating these days, and why I love them all so much!

First things first, I’m pretty tall (5’10), so most maternity jeans I could find at stores like Target are always too short, even if they’re the skinny jeans. I found 2 pairs at J.Crew (on sale!), and had one major splurge from Shopbop.

One thing I’ve learned during my pregnancies is that you don’t have to give up on your personal style for 9 months, you just have to make some minor adjustments that still make you look & feel your best throughout your entire pregnancy. If you make these adjustments, then you’ll learn to embrace all of the wonderful changes that are taking place a whole lot better.

If you’re expecting, happy shopping!

Maternity Pull-on toothpick jeans
These look and feel like your basic white jeans. The only thing you have to get used to is there are no front pockets! I’m a big believer in wearing white after Labor Day; therefore, I snagged these up knowing I’d wear them thru the entire pregnancy. Warning – if you have a small toddler at home, you’re bound to get handprints on them before going anywhere. That’s when my handy dandy Tide Stick comes into play!

Stretch Maternity matchstick jeans
These aren’t exactly the style I bought, but they look very similar to mine. I remember they were on sale for $35.00 this Summer. These are more of a straight fit, but are still cute, and they’re on sale! I wanted a pair of black skinny jeans for this Fall/Winter, so when I found the maternity toothpick skinny on sale, I snagged them up! Can’t wait to wear my pair with a crisp white button-up, loose blouses and chunky sweaters!

DL1961 Emma Maternity Jeans
emma-maternity-jeansThese were my splurge, but, the fit is impeccable, and I KNOW I’ll wear them home from the hospital and for a few months after I have our little one. I’m pretty sure I wear them at least 3 times a week (or more), so I feel like they’ve already paid for themselves. They’re cute dressed up or dressed down. While I did pay a little more than I’d like for these, they make me feel like a million bucks while pregnant, and that to me is worth every penny.

What pants/jeans do you love while pregnant?

Happy Tuesday, friends!