Running vs. Walking



I love running, except running doesn’t love me. I speed walk almost faster than I run. No joke. To explain what I mean, I’ll give you a little bit more of my background.

From ages 9-18 I was a year round swimmer. Anyone who knows this sport well, knows it’s an intense sport of long hours in the pool, and a lot of hard work, but it’s so worth it. I love swimming to this day. It literally relaxes me, when nothing else will. I was in the best shape of my life during those years, and looking back, I didn’t appreciate it until I was much older.

During swim practice we would also do some cross training and run. I loved the running or “dryland” as our coach would call it, even if I wasn’t as good at it as I was at swimming. I loved the fact that I was outdoors. I love being out in nature. I spent my childhood playing outside. If it wasn’t raining, I was outside, so the love of nature started really early for me. Running takes me back to my childhood, and I have so many happy years/memories of my childhood. So, now, as an adult, if it is pretty outside and below 85 degrees I want to go for a run.

Funny story, I married a runner, a really good runner in fact. He has helped me a lot with my technique, and I do feel like I am better at running now than I was back then, but I find myself speed walking instead. My Dad taught me how to properly speed walk years ago. I lose weight faster that way. Losing the baby weight hasn’t been easy. It’s been hard, and when I want to truly lose weight, walking is best. It’s a more efficient workout when I walk. It just takes so much more time than running, but for me, it’s way more effective than running, and I am still out in nature, which is truly important to me.

Occasionally, I still run, because I love the “intensity” of running like I did with swimming (and it takes me back to my childhood), but when it comes to losing real weight, I have found that speed walking is a better fit for me. So, while you still may see me out there “giving it the old college try” with running, I know in my heart of hearts, I am a walker, I just haven’t fully accepted that one yet. Maybe one day I will.



What helps you lose weight? Does a sport take you back to your childhood days? Either way, keep exercising! It’s good for the soul, no matter what sport you play. Do what you do, and do it well!


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