Peonies in the Garden


Lately on our daily walks, I have been noticing the gorgeous blooms of…peonies! They are stunning in every yard that has them. I keep meaning to stop and take pictures of these pretty flowers every evening, but I just keep walking and admiring them. However, I am now convinced that I need peonies in my garden! They come in so many colors, and I think the pale pink and the white peonies are my favorite.

I am very lucky to have a Mom that just so happens to be a “Master Gardener.” She actually is a certified Master Gardener, and knows everything about plants. She’s been gardening since before I was born, and if you ever want to know where my Mom is, she’s in the yard ( that is if it’s warm enough outside). My Dad jokes and calls her the “Goldie Locks Gardener!” Love them to pieces. They are such a cute couple! The temperature has to be “just right.” Oh, and she doesn’t “sweat” she “glistens!” Needless to say, my Mom lives to be in the garden. My parents have a beautiful garden. She’s so smart, and can even tell you the Latin name of each kind of plant. So, Mom, if you’re reading this, please know that peonies are on my list to add to our garden this year!

Since I stopped working now, I feel like I can spend a little more time in our yard, and I definitely want to add some pretty, blooming plants to our yard.

What flowers do you have in your garden? What are you wanting to add this year?






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