Losing the Baby Weight + A New Stroller

I have a pretty simple workout these days, but it works. I speed walk with my little one. It’s that simple. I am still about 5-8 pounds away from losing the last of the baby weight, and I am determined I will get there in a healthy way. For some, the baby weight melted right off (lucky girls!). For me, it has taken a lot of work on my part, but I know it will be worth it in the end. The next time around, I won’t gain as much during my pregnancy, trust me.

Since I speed walk most days, and my other stroller was meant more for shopping, rather than working out,  I have been looking for a running stroller, and I found a GREAT one! I wanted to share with other Moms out there, because it’s a game changer, literally.  It’s the City Elite baby jogger. It is a bit expensive, but I had a coupon, so that took a significant amount off my total. And, I look at it as an “investment in my health.” And, it most certainly has been.



My first requirement was that I wanted the sun out of my twinkle toe’s face. The canopy is super long, and has built-in UV 50+ sun protection, which is awesome, and worth the money. Another great aspect of this stroller is that it is great for tall gals like me. I am 5’10, and the adjustable handle bars come up high enough. It’s the only stroller I found that does that on the market. I finally don’t feel like I have to “slouch” to walk with my little one. It also makes my workout so much more efficient. There are so many things good about this stroller that I could go on an on, but these are my favorite features so far.

What helps you lose the baby weight?

Do you have a city elite running stroller? If you haven’t tested one out, and are looking for a new running stroller, this is the only one you need in your life!

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